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Air Operator Certificate (AOC) with worldwide capability for PAX and Cargo allows commercial operations in diverse operational fields.

As a pure Aircraft Management company we integrate your asset into our structure and manage it from nose to tail, tip to tip, freeing the Owner/Investor to concentrate in the activities he excels.

If required, we partner with leading charter brokers and lessors to achieve the results you demand.

All within one independent approach to transparently achieve the returns you as discerning Owner/Investor seek.

Flight Operations are managed with the assistance of our dedicated internal Flight Dispatch delivering close operational flexibility to specific operational scenarios.

Crews are managed and taken through all EASA OPS  and FCL regulatory requirements within our Operations Management structure.

Close cooperation with leading training service providers framed within DB Aviation defined standards delivers efficient and safe operations.

Within our EASA AOC approval, with reference PT-01/16, multiple solutions are available to achieve your mission goals, with new capabilities being added to better answers Owner/Investor requirements.

Contact us for more detailed information on your aircraft operation possibilities.

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Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) allows the airworthiness management of aircraft in a broad range of operational fields.

With new capabilities being added,  our range of Airworthiness Management solutions, have strong foundations in our EASA Part M Subpart G approval.

Covering a diverse area of operations from airliners, regional aircraft, business aircraft, flying schools in ATO's (Approved Training Organisations)and DTO's (Declared Training Organisations) setups, we devote all expertise and focus on your asset.

Independently managed we deliver unparalleled services with total dedication to Owner/Investor expectations.

Teaming with leading maintenance organisations, approved under our strict compliance requirements, increased dispatch reliability is achieved following our airworthiness control process.

Operational knowledge brought from our AOC experience, teams with our airworthiness solutions returning unparalleled services not achieved in other setups.

Contact us for more detailed information on your aircraft airworthiness requirements.

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Non Commercial Operations  with Complex aircraft  (NCC) allows the complete management of your aircraft in simple terms.

If you are the Operator/Owner of a private business or corporate aircraft with your principal place of business established or residing in one EU member State, then Part NCC is a requirement.

DB Aviation implements both Part NCC and Flight Operations support in one convenient service package relieving your operations workload.

Requirements that DB Aviation can assist you with:

1. Operations Manual;

2. Safety Management System;

3. Declaration to Authority;

4. Continuing Airworthiness Maintenance Organisation (CAMO)

5. Flight support solutions comprising trip planing and support, flight following and flight planning.

Contact us for more detailed information on your aircraft NCC requirements.

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